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Pre. and Postnatal Midwifery Care

The period after a baby is born is sometimes described as “an earthquake in our life”. It is a highly emotional time of great change when you are adjusting to having a new baby in your life, frequent sleepless nights and profound changes in the relationships within the household, often compounded by conflicting advice from health professionals and well-meaning relatives.​

During the pregnancy we have our initial “booking” appointment where we get to know each other and explain my role as a midwife in Germany.
We can meet at anytime during the pregnancy to answer any questions to ease your mind as well as to offer help and advice with typical pregnancy problems like nausea, different kinds of pain or fatigue or any other.

Once you are discharged from hospital, normally on the 3rd day, then I commence home visits the next day.

Care provided includes:
- Care of the baby, general well being of the baby.

- Umbilical care.

- Weight gain.

- Feeding whether breast or bottle

- The first bath with your baby.

- How to hold and care for your baby.

Care of the mother:

- Physical and emotional wellbeing. -

- Checking that the uterus is involuting.

- Care with breastfeeding.

- Wound healing after vaginal or cesarean birth.

- Observation and support for postnatal depression.

- Early postnatal and pelvic floor exercises.

I offer Midwifery/Hebamme postnatal care (Wochenbettbetreuung) in
Haimhausen and Unterschleißheim.

If you can not find a midwife you can visit my Sprechstunde with appointment at my Praxis at Edisonstr. 11, 85716 Unterschleißheim.

Mother with her Baby
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