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Postnatal Support

The period after a baby is born is sometimes described as “an earthquake in our life”.
It is a highly emotional time of great change when you are adjusting to having a new
baby in your life, frequent sleepless nights and profound changes in the relationships within
the household, often compounded by conflicting advice from health professionals
and well-meaning relatives.


I can provide support in your own home in this period. I don't rush in and out,
but take my time with you in a 2 hour visit during which I listen to your concerns,
understand your situation and give you the support you need. 


You might want tips for handling your baby, helping him or her with sleep, or maybe
you need support with breast or bottle feeding, and you might need reminding
to have something to eat too!


I provide gentle, non-judgemental support to help you to find your way and build
your confidence with your new-born baby.


Price agreed upon discussion

Contact me via the website.